Ghost Cartels

Episode 02 - First Run

Week commencing Monday 5th January 2071

  • hired by Running Fox of the Komun’go
  • Ruin Albert Foss’ life and let him know the Komun’go are responsible
  • Foss works for the DEA as an investigating agent
  • Foss is in Narcotics Anonymous for his novacoke addiction
  • Divorced but reconciling with his ex-wife
  • Burst into his home, used mind-manipulating magic to convince them that Foss was the one who injured everyone
  • Life ruined!

The Employer: Running Fox
What do we know about them?
Chose to meet Ted & Deuteronomy at Jonathan’s in Renton, a crappy restaurant with delusions of grandeur.
Works for the Komun’go ‘group’ who steal drugs & sell bodies
Connected to/ part of the Korean Rings

The Job: Ruin the life of the target (Albert Foss) and let them know that it was done by the Kumon’go.
Any other info from the employer?
Don’t kill the target
Foss wouldn’t agree to work for them hence the retribution

The Target: Albert Foss

What do we know about him?
Work: He’s a Fed, working for the drug enforcement department based in the Seattle Federal building.
Home: Lives alone in Tacoma [we have his address] in a house on a suburban street. Some security cameras around but not too many. Moderate – good Lone Star response time.
He leaves home at 6am [and catches a bus to work] and is normally back by 8pm [returns home by bus] except on Tuesday & Friday where he returns later at 11pm-ish after attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings at the South Tacoma Community Centre. He is away from home every other weekend.
Family: Divorced father of two. Divorced Evelyn Johnson 2 1/2 years ago citing ‘Irreconcilable Differences’. Evelyn works for the ( Renraku) Arcology Out-Reach and is currently single. She has some profiles on Matrix dating sites and is seeking a male human/elf.
Evelyn got custody of the children [Sarah (8yo) & Joy (6yo)] and the family live in Renton [we have the address]. The children attend Renton Elementary which is a expensive Private School.
Vices: Followed to a NA meeting where target had direct contact with Ted & Leto. Ted suspects he has a Novacoke problem. The target believed Ted & Leto worked for another group [we don’t know which one yet] who he blamed for getting him ‘addicted’ and ‘ruining his life’. He told Ted & Leto to tell the other group that if he saw them again ‘the deal was off’.

What are we doing?

Leto – Trailing Foss, finding out where he goes. Eventually helping Mercury get into Foss’s home node.
Ted – Helping Leto & getting a date with Evelyn.
Mercury – Information gathering, planning a hack into Foss’s home node.
Stars – Intel?
Deuteronomy – Intel?

The plan was to find out about him and what he held dear then start removing it from him (job/family/hobbies etc.). Now we are considering having him break off his ‘deal’ with the other group and letting them fuck him over then telling him it was the Kumon’go.



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