Ghost Cartels

Week commencing Monday 2nd March 2071

  • Stars, Mercury, Leto and Baron contacted by Angstrom – someone had been trying to contact Mephistopheles with a job offer
  • Chase contacted by Cody offering a job with a team lacking someone with his skillset
  • Meet with Ms. Johnson at a back alley strip club called Tickler’s in Downtown; Ms. Johnson is a raven-haired East Asian woman dressed in a see-through lace top with underwear to match
  • She provided several pictures of two men dressed in AmerInd-inspired gang attire. Mixed in with the pictures are public domain sat-images of various buildings near the Seattle/Salish-Shidhe border. The file also included a disposable commcode number for Ms. Johnson.
  • She told you that the images were of two lieutenants and safe houses belonging to the First Nations gang. The job was to tail these two specific members, Alec Littletree and Xa Firebird, for a week. She wanted you to source what the men are up to, what assets they have, how each target is earning his money, who their contacts are, and if they’re connected to other crime outfits. You were not to interact with them in any way.
  • Some legwork and common sense led you to the Verge in Redmond, existing on a rough strip of land about 2 miles wide, between the Barrens and Salish territory. The whole place reeked of desperation and was controlled by the First Nations. It’s a full-on Z-zone, with badly static Matrix access at the best of times
  • You identified which of the five safehouses held each of your targets
  • You planted microphone bugs in these two houses, and a couple in some of the others
  • You discovered that Xa Firebird is a drug dealer who haunts the circuit around the University
  • You discovered that Alex Littletree is a drug dealer who haunts the circuit in various clubs and vice-dens in Renton and Tacoma; apparently he is bringing in loads and loads of money
  • Both are involved in pushing a very new Bio-Awakened-Drug called Tempo; apparently he is not bringing in very much money at all
  • You followed Xa Firebird to a party on campus and discovered that he emails a blind & anonymous email account every couple of days, and that his email has high-level Firewall and programs that are all legally acquired (from the cheapest vendor for their level). You also learnt that he is heavily cybered: SenseSation Livecaster cybersuite [Cybereyes (Rating 3, w/ eyelight, image link, low-light, recording unit; Cyberears (Rating 2, w/ audio enhancement 2, damper, recording unit, spatial recognizer; Simrig, Radar Sensor (Rating 3)], Reaction Enhancers (Rating 2), Wired Reflexes (Rating 1), Retractable spur connected to implanted autoinjector – expensive stuff for a ganger
  • You also downloaded his simrig recordings for the last day and his contact list and call log
  • You used a repeater drone to get some decent Matrix coverage for the bugs
  • You trailed Littletree to a meeting in a Tacoma bar called the Back Alley that he didn’t want anyone in his gang to know about. He met with a huge African-American male human, flanked by two male Caucasian orks, all wearing black-and-grey gang colours. Littletree handed over a briefcase full of tempo, his compatriots handed over several high-value credsticks and they went their separate ways
  • You also spotted a car spying on the meeting. An East Asian man in a business suit was taking photos using a big camera, which you were able to get the pictures from
  • You observed a clandestine meeting – and torrid sexual encounter – between Xa Firebird and a woman he called “Carla” but who used an alias (“Alice Arnold”) to book the motel room at Harrington’s. She referred to him as “John” and you surmised that Xa Firebird was actually an undercover cop and that “Carla” was his handler.
  • You discovered that the gang was due to pick up a shipment of tempo, so both of your targets were confined to safehouses. However, Xa Firebird trailed the van containing Blood-of-the-Buffalo and key First Nations soldiers to an extraterritorial KondOrchid shipping centre in Everett. There you watched Firebird spying on an exchange of significant quantities of cash (millions of nuyen) for tempo. The other side in this deal were led by a troll called Kaz Yakamura, and one of his lackeys was Running Fox (one of the Komun’go’s “Stand-Over-Men” who hired you for your first job).
  • You reported back to your Johnson, who offered you an extra 10k to kill Xa Firebird; you refused, and she said that she would hire someone else to do it instead.
  • You rendezvoused with your Johnson, and handed over your full dossiers on Alec Littletree and Xa Firebird; she paid you in full and you parted amicably



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