Ghost Cartels

Episode 08 - The Grab

Week commencing Monday 9th March 2071

  • Approached via Heliox for a meeting with Lady Jade
  • She offered you a job extracting a girl named Catherine Westmore and ensuring she remained unharmed before delivering her to a second team in a Redmond Barrens warehouse within three days
  • You agreed a rate of 35,000¥ for the job
  • Chase refused to take part
  • You discovered that Catherine’s mother was Donna Westmore, and that Catherine was born blind. Her mother paid top dollar for cybernetic correction. Catherine attends Holm Elementary School and her mother has hired a bodyguard.
  • Donna Westmore is an aeronautical engineer for Federated-Boeing, working on some serious projects. She used to be on the guest list for many of the hottest clubs in Downtown‘s International District, which is very rare for a gaijin – but she was struck off all those lists a few weeks ago, around the time she hired her daughter’s bodyguard
  • The bodyguard is an ex-runner called Jack McPherson; his handle was Frost. He used to be UCAS Special Forces but left and formed a running team called the Trinity. He left the Trinity on good terms when work was slow and took the bodyguard job – a pay cut, but the money was steady.
  • The Trinity consists of Jackhammer (troll, face), Deimos (human, rigger) and Diva (human, combat mage) – the last two are a couple. They’re highly sought after as a team, as they are also ex-Special Forces black-ops trained.
  • Lady Jade is an independent arms dealer with a respectable market share. She pays the Blood Mountain Boys to protect a lot of her shipments. She used to work as a fixer for the Shotozumi-gumi but walked out with enough power to make herself stable – word is that she didn’t leave willingly, and there is plenty of bad blood.
  • Investigation of Holm Elementary School revealed that it was very very well-guarded, with a private contract with Knight Errant – you decided against trying to snatch Catherine from school
  • Frost collected Catherine from school and took her home. He cooked dinner whilst she did her homework. After she went to bed, the Trinity all turned up and started playing poker.
  • Mercury hacked into the Central Home Node and took control of the cameras, editing the footage and keeping an eye on things
  • Stars provided the getaway car (after Mercury hacked in) and cover with a pursuit drone. She also planned and checked the route.
  • Leto broke into the house (after Baron cast an Improved Invisibility spell on her) – leaving the front panel of the door’s maglock unscrewed – and also opened the maglock on Catherine’s bedroom window
  • Baron instructed one of his lwa to ride Catherine, and together she and Leto snuck out of the window and into the waiting car
  • The car ride over was straightforward enough, and Leto became visible partway through
  • Once you arrived at the warehouse, Leto and Catherine went inside. They were greeted by two dwarves and an ork, who paid Leto in full
  • Mercury and Stars scrubbed all traces of their computer crimes

Three days later (Thursday 12th March), this news story appeared, detailing how Catherine was killed by a sniper at the conclusion of a 48-hour ransom ordeal that left all the kidnappers dead.



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