Ghost Cartels

Episode 09 - Colour or Creed

Week commencing 16th March 2071

Leto was contacted via ShadowSEA for a B&E job. You met with an elf male (whose first language was probably Sperethiel) who introduced himself as Samriel. Leto was extremely taken with him. He wanted you to steal the Weeping Stone of Ta’bel from an old shadowrunner called Morphine. You agreed a price of 50,000¥, half up front, and that you would deliver within five days.

Legwork told you that Morphine had turned fixer after the Crash 2.0, having previously been a DocWagon employee called Doctor Bob who got some moderate fame in 2047 and received the Weeping Stone in Dunkelzahn’s will. He lived in a very secure apartment building in Medina, Bellevue.

Opting to do recon by social engineering, you discovered that there was a vacant condo in the same building and contacted the managing agents, Anderson Realty, for a showing. The place was very secure indeed. Leto snuck into Morphine’s apartment after it had been scouted by one of Stars’ drones, and found the stone inside the den, which had been very well guarded up to that point. She grabbed it and ran without warning, rendering Mercury (who was in the building’s security node) unable to intervene as she was attacked by the local spider.

Baron used a spirit to possess Leto to help her get away safely, and engaged some of the guards themselves. Eventually, Chase got away on foot, Leto and Stars fled in Stars’ van, and Mercury and Baron fled in Baron’s car. Unfortunately, both sets of cars were chased by Lone Star. Stars was able to evade pursuit, but Mercury and Baron were run off the road; Baron was killed instantly, and Mercury was hospitalised in a coma.

Chase met with Samriel to deliver the Stone and get paid. Samriel hinted that he had worked with Leto before. Leto found a post on her blog, implicating the team in a break-in at the Cavilard Research Centre (between Medina and Beaux Arts in Bellevue) around the same time as they stole the Weeping Stone.



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