Ghost Cartels

Episode 14 - All In The Family

Week commencing 27th April 2071

Chase was contacted by his friend Piotr (from Chasing The Dragon) who explained that a Vory lideri called Irina Makarova wanted to meet with the team about a job. Piotr made the arrangements and the meeting took place in a small coffee shop in Tacoma. When Irina (a Russian woman in a conservative business suit) arrived, every single other person in the coffee shop stood up and left.

She explained that your history had shown her two things: first, that you were the ideal team for a job she needed doing, and second, that you were in no position to refuse her offer. She made reference to Leto‘s blog, and then explained the job. A man named Robert “Nobby” Dashwood was about to be released from McMillin Correctional Facility in Puyallup after some time away in this “soft” prison. He was a strong ally of the Gianelli family and would be deployed rapidly by the Mafia in their three-way war against the Vory and the Shotozumi-gumi due to his expertise and level of respect. The job, put simply, would be to extract Dashwood and bring him to Irina so that he could be turned. Failing that, she made clear that she would rather that no one could have him if the Vory couldn’t. She offered a total fee of 25,000¥ which the team accepted without negotiation.

Once Irina had left, Chase revealed that Robert “Nobby” Dashwood was his father, although there was no indication that Irina knew of the link between the two men. Some research indicated that McMillin was actually a pretty slack prison, relying mainly on its inhospitable location and acceptance of bribes for security. Leto and Surge investigated the locale, discovering that the only access road crossed across a bridge over a toxic riverbed, whilst Chase and Stars looked into places Nobby was likely to be taken, including the Crime Mall in Puyallup and various nightclubs Downtown.

Brahms’ hacking revealed that Nobby’s release had already been brought forward by eighteen hours, and so he put it an hour further forward and had Leto collect Nobby, whilst the others raced back with the vehicles. As they were leaving, the team passed several heavily-modified motorbikes and a pick-up truck, and some research revealed that they belonged to a shadowrunning team headed by Pachinko Mike. As the team left, they saw a couple of members of Mike’s team get into an altercation with the prison officers as their intended quarry – Nobby – was nowhere to be found.

You delivered Nobby to Irina without incident, and got paid in full.



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