Ghost Cartels

Episode 16 - A Fistful Of Credsticks

Week commencing May 11th 2071

Surge took a call from a a Ms. Johnson of her acquaintance, inviting her and the team to a meeting at the Eye of the Needle about a job that would take them out of the Metroplex. Over a lovely luxury dinner, Ms. J laid out the job – travelling to LA on the Charisma Associates dime to guard eight cases of equipment (being borrowed from a runner named Slade) while they’re used in shooting Pandora’s new trid, A Fistful Of Credsticks. The pay was good at 750 per runner per day (working 8am-4pm), and Ms. Johnson was just so likeable that even Chase‘s attempts to charm more money out of her didn’t work. Ms. J explained that they’d be on the Charisma Associates payroll and managed by Jeremy Fermin for the week.

Having agreed to take the job, Ms. J provided the inventory of the cases:

Case 1: 2057 Red Samurai Armour with Katana
Case 2: 2057 Red Samurai Armour with Katana
Case 3: 2057 Red Samurai Armour with Katana
Case 4: 2057 Red Samurai Armour with Katana
Case 5: 2 macuahuitls, 1 obsidian knife
Case 6: Thunderstruck Gauss Rifle
Case 7: 4 × 6 shuriken
Case 8: Riot shield w/Red Samurai logo

Slade called you to arrange transport, with each team member supplying a SIN so that he could sort out work permits, etc. He explained that there would be space for one suitcase and hand luggage per runner, plus a maximum of two medium/large drones in total. After a night spent frantically packing and arranging people to look after family members/pets, the team met Slade at Sea-Tac Airport (where they got through customs thanks mainly to the Charisma Associates contracts linked to their SINs) and loaded onto the plane.

After an uneventful flight, they were met at El Toro Airport in LA by Slade’s contact Desperado, an elf in cowboy chic. He gave them all their P2.0 subscriptions, and the keycard for a black Rover Model 2068 SUV. Desperado explained that he would transport Slade’s gear to Studio 8, while the runners checked into Hotel Alternate, a mid-scale location with AR-themed rooms. Leto rode with Desperado to make sure he (or anyone else!) didn’t steal the crates: she was successful, and the crates remained unstolen!

During the rest of the team’s journey over to Studio 8, Leto got briefly swarmed by paparazzi drones (until they got bored and swarmed off) and then met up with James, an African-American male human techie who had been assigned to meet’n’greet. Seeing that the rest of the team weren’t there, James said he’d give Leto the tour later. In the meantime, he took her to Store 8a and handed her a keycard to get in. She and Desperado loaded the crates into one corner of the 20mx10m concrete box, and Leto discovered that the store room was insulated to stop wifi signals entering or leaving.



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