Ghost Cartels

Episode 01 - Freedom

Sunday, January 4th, 2071

All five of you were inmates at Hollywood Correctional Facility in Redmond. You were all slated for transfer to Bellevue Correctional Facility (AKA the Brickyard), where you have been flagged for “enhanced rehabilitation techniques.” You were all loaded into a Lone Star Black Mariah USPTV, along with a sixth prisoner, a dwarf with a black hood over his head.

At some point along the route, conversation started between the prisoners. The dwarf in question was a heavily-cybered Russian guy called Vasili . Suddenly the van stopped, and you could hear explosions and gunfire from outside. The van tilted and fell over, throwing everyone about and freeing them from whatever was securing them to the van. The rear doors squealed as a monofilament chainsaw was used to cut the lock out. A small man with dark hair, in a suit, was standing there. Vasili greeted him as Romanov and left, nodding to the orks in red and orange synthleather jackets who escorted him to a waiting car.

You all managed to flee, ditching your clothes and Ted removing your RFID tracking chips. You holed up in the Moe-tel, where Mercury hacked you coffins to stay in, and robbed a pharmacy for Leto’s medication and so on.


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