Council Island

A tribal enclave and embassy in the midst of the Seattle Metroplex, Council Island (formerly known as Mercer Island) was ceded to the Native American Nations in the Treaty of Denver. The Salish-Shidhe Council immediately set about transforming the island into their official embassy, such that a visitor from the early days of the century wouldn’t recognize it. The various buildings on the island were leveled, and road torn out, to be replaced with new structures using green technologies and building materials, intended to both blend harmoniously with the natural environment and to reflect traditional tribal styles. Roads have been strictly curtailed, and cables and wires have been buried or replaced with wireless connections.

In the space of a few years, the island was transformed into a place out of time, where you can almost imagine visiting the early tribal settlements along Puget Sound, at least until you notice the subtle solar panels worked into the rooftops of lodge buildings, and the commlinks and electric scoots the residents have alongside their native garb. Most of the full-time inhabitants of the island are diplomats, their families, and support staff from the Native American Nations, along with rangers and caretakers of the island’s wilderness and wildlife.

Size: 25 square kilometers
Population: 3,000

  • Human: 34%
  • Elf: 32%
  • Dwarf: 4%
  • Ork: 21%
  • Troll: 4%
  • Other: 5%

Population Density: 120 per square kilometer
Per Capita Income: 65,000¥
Corporate-Affiliated Population: 2%
Hospitals and Clinics: 2


  • Less Than 12 Years: 0%
  • High School Equivalency: 15%
  • College Equivalency: 56%
  • Advanced Degrees and Certificates: 29%

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Council Island

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