Downtown Seattle

Downtown Seattle—what was once the city of Seattle—is still the heart of the modern metroplex. The Downtown district is responsible for the majority of the area’s economy, home of its central government, and at the center of its culture and activities. While there is much to see and do in other parts of the metroplex, none encompass the whole of the Seattle experience as well as the Downtown area.

Size: 468 square kilometers
Population: 545,000

  • Human: 63%
  • Elf: 13%
  • Dwarf: 2%
  • Ork: 19%
  • Troll: 2%
  • Other: 1%

Population Density: 1,165 per square kilometer
Per Capita Income: 130,000¥
Corporate-Affiliated Population: 89%
Hospitals and Clinics: 12
Voting Precincts: 11

  • Less Than 12 Years: 25%
  • High School Equivalency: 45%
  • College Equivalency: 18%
  • Advanced Degrees and Certificates: 12%

Major Corp Facilities: Aztechnology, Brackhaven Investments, Federated-Boeing, Ingersoll and Berkeley, Mitsuhama Computer Technologies, NeoNET, Renraku Computer Systems, Wuxing, Inc.
Major Gangs: Bloody Screamers, Disassemblers, First Nations, Halloweeners, Troll Killers

Lone Star Security Ratings

North Downtown

  • AAA: Matthews Beach
  • AA: Inverness, North Beach, Richmond Highlands
  • A: Aurora Village, Greenwood (some sections), Loyal Heights, Northgate (some sections)
  • B: Greenwood (some sections), Northgate (some sections), Riverton (some sections)
  • C: Bitter Lake, Riverton (some sections)

Central Downtown

  • AAA: Alki, Fauntleroy, Madison Park, Fauntleroy, Madrona Park, Magnolia Bluff, Upper Queen Anne Hill
  • AA: Ballard, First Hill, Montlake, Mount Baker, Lower Queen Anne Hill, West Seattle, Windermere
  • A: Beacon Hill, Central (some sections), Elven District, Georgetown, Interbay (some sections), International District, Rainier Valley, University District, Westwood
  • B: Central (some sections), Capitol Hill, Columbia (some sections), Interbay (some sections), Laurel Hurst, Van Asselt (some sections)
  • C: Columbia (some sections), Ravenna, Van Asselt (some sections)

South Downtown

  • AAA: Bryn-Mawr, Sea-Tac Airport (policed by Metroplex Guard and UCAS military)
  • AA: Arbour Heights, Normandy Park
  • A: Des Moines, Kent, White Centre
  • B: Sea-Tac (area outside the airport proper)
  • C: Tukwila

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Downtown Seattle

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