The history of Everett has been one of ups and downs, like the storm-tossed sea so often associated with it. Originally a sleepy suburban area north of Seattle, Everett underwent an economic and population boom in the 2040s when Mayor Samantha Tillian managed to bring corporate investment and construction into the district. Companies like Dadson Vision Entertainments, Ingersoll and Berkley, IIN, and several resort and casino developers invested hundreds of millions of nuyen in new construction. Cheap real estate prices and favorable tax-breaks encouraged business, and Everett flowered.

Unfortunately, the Crash of ’64 wiped out much of Everett’s progress. With the loss of land ownership records, businesses and property taxes were mired in a seemingly endless bureaucratic morass. Businesses lost interest in the district while some existing companies decided to cut their losses and move elsewhere. Property values dropped even as parties worked out ownership issues in court.

Size: 207 square kilometers
Population: 229,000

  • Human: 72%
  • Elf: 14%
  • Dwarf: 1%
  • Ork: 11%
  • Troll: 1%
  • Other: 1%

Population Density: 1,106 per square kilometer
Per Capita Income: 58,500¥
Corporate-Affiliated Population: 69%
Hospitals and Clinics: 15
Voting Precincts: 5

  • Less Than 12 Years: 21%
  • High School Equivalency: 29%
  • College Equivalency: 39%
  • Advanced Degrees and Certificates: 11%

Major Corp Facilities: Dadson Vision Entertainments, Federated Boeing, Independent Information Network, Ingersoll and Berkley
Major Gangs: First Nations, Kabuki Ronin, Red Rovers, Scatterbrains

Lone Star Security Ratings

  • AAA: Meadowvale, Norma Beach
  • AA: Alderwood Manor, Beverly Park, Edmonds, Mukilteo
  • A: Darlington (some areas), Federated Boeing (Housing areas), Mill Creek (some areas), Nelson’s Corner (some areas)
  • B: Darlington (some areas), Everett Yards (not government controlled sections), Lynnwood, Mill Creek (some areas), Nelson’s Corner (some areas), Perrinville
  • C: Casino Corner, Fairmount, Old Everett
  • D: Lowell, Keeler’s Corner, Pinehurst

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