Innocent Life Taken

New Seattle Intelligencer: Innocent Life Taken
12th March, 2071

A tragic drama, which began yesterday between kidnappers and law enforcement authorities, came to a catastrophic end this evening when Catherine Westmore, the disabled eleven-year-old daughter of Federated Boeing engineer Donna Westmore, was gunned down in the streets of the Redmond Barrens. A group of criminals were holding the girl for ransom over the last forty-eight hours, but ingenious Lone Star investigators succeeded in locating the kidnappers and the girl yesterday afternoon.

When authorities descended on the dilapidated house, a standoff ensued. Authorities representing both Lone Star and Federated Boeing spent many hours negotiating for the release of the girl. It seemed headway was being made when the kidnappers agreed to release their hostage under the terms that they be granted deportation from the Seattle Metroplex instead of being tried under UCAS or corporate sovereignty for their crimes. What authorities were not prepared for, however, was an as yet unidentified sniper who mercilessly executed the girl as she was being passed from the kidnappers into the hands of Lone Star representatives.

The killing resulted in chaos. Several officers were wounded, and every member of the kidnapping team was killed, in a gunfight that brought the standoff to its explosive conclusion. Lone Star is currently offering a reward for any information leading to the identity and successful apprehension of the sniper responsible for this tragic turn of events. If you have any information regarding this heist, please follow normal procedures for threat identification.

Innocent Life Taken

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