Povryejhda Seattle

An ethnic mafia built from Russian expatriates, with a smattering of Eastern Europeans, Inuit, and “civilized” nomads from the Steppes, the barbarians of the Vory v Zakone exemplify the worst traits of east and west. They carry a hereditary grudge against the Japanese. Though they are small and relatively new to Seattle, their bold and violent methods have allowed them to carve out a niche, particularly in Tacoma, where they have infringed on Yakuza operations. The Tsar of Seattle is Aleksander “Terminator” Bilotkiy, a heavily-cybered hatchet man loyal to the Moscow Vory.

The Vory smuggle in a lot of interesting hardware courtesy of their friends in the Russian military-industrial complex. They’ll sell this stuff to anyone, even kids, leading to tales of thirteen-year-old gangers prowling the docks with assault rifles. Vory prostitutes prowl those docks too — all tagged with pricelists for their various services. The Russians also use the tags to track down runaways.

Aside from smuggling and the flesh trade, the Vory excel at Matrix operations: everything from data brokerage and credit fraud to e-hijacking and denial-of-service extortion attacks. Many of these operations are coordinated with Vory allies in Russia against Seattle targets, making prosecution difficult.

However, the Vory do not need to worry much about being arrested. They’ve already made great inroads towards infiltrating the prison system in Seattle. They don’t get the life of luxury and security behind bars like the corrupt prison system in Russia allowed for, but they do have a lock on prison economy staples like makeshift knives, prison tattoos, and home-made intoxicants, especially in old-school hellholes like the Hollywood Correctional Facility and Silcox Island Correctional Facility.

Interestingly, the explosion of Goblin Rock and Orxploitation Rap in Seattle is partly due to Vory sponsorship of prominent ork recording artists. Semi-retired Vory members Josif Radek and Sergei Malenkin own Hez Music, and Hez Music promotes major artists like CrimeTime. The Vory use the industry and concert channels to sell BTLs while Hez Music launders the proceeds. The Vory are also rumoured to be tight with the Chimera hit squad. They don’t play this trump card often—Chimera’s expensive, even for the Vory—but they will if you cause them too much grief.

Povryejhda Seattle

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