Known as “Seattle’s apartment” to many, Renton is more than just a bedroom community of condoplexes and housing co-ops where many of the metroplex’s citizens retire at the end of the workday (whenever their workday may be). Renton is also home to hills that are the highest points in Seattle, affording hikers spectacular views on clear-weather days. Fish-stocked lakes lure sports fishermen and water enthusiasts alike. In the evening, you can stroll the streets, enjoy fine dining in many local restaurants, and finish off the night with a visit to one of the districts nightspots. Renton might be home to hundreds of thousands of Seattleites, but that doesn’t mean it has nothing to offer visitors.

The other districts of Seattle surround Renton on three sides: Bellevue and Redmond to the north, Downtown and Tacoma to the west, Auburn to the south. To the east lies Salish-Shidhe Council territory. In spite of its surroundings and burgeoning population, Renton retains much of its natural beauty. A spur of green hills and ridges runs from southeast to northwest through the district, including Cougar Mountain and Tiger Mountain, two of the highest peaks. The area also features a number of small lakes with the largest, Lake Young, over two kilometers long.

Culturally, Renton is an eclectic mix of German, Scandinavian, and various Asian ancestries (including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Filipino). Metahumans make up about thirty-five percent of the population, including a sizeable ork community.

Size: 259 square kilometers
Population: 218,000

  • Human: 65%
  • Elf: 10%
  • Dwarf: 2%
  • Ork: 20%
  • Troll: 1%
  • Other: 2%

Population Density: 840 per square kilometer
Per Capita Income: 90,000¥
Corporate-Affiliated Population: 68%
Hospitals and Clinics: 13
Voting Precincts: 5

  • Less Than 12 Years: 19%
  • High School Equivalency: 43%
  • College Equivalency: 26%
  • Advanced Degrees and Certificates: 12%

Major Corp Facilities: Federated Boeing, Horizon, Knight Errant
Major Gangs: Blood Mountains Boys, the Night Hunters

Lone Star Security Ratings

  • AAA: Lake Young
  • AA: Four Lakes, Maple Valley, Renton, Spring Lake
  • A: Issaquah (some areas), Thomas (some areas)
  • B: Issaquah (some areas), Meredith (some areas), Thomas (some areas)
  • C: Christopher, Meredith (some areas)

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