Led by Oyabun Hanzo Shotozumi, the Shotozumi-gumi is the most powerful of the Yakuza clans in Seattle, and the head of the Shotozumi-rengo. The Shotozumi-gumi is a traditionalist organization that maintains many ancient rites and ceremonies that have been discarded or forgotten by other Yakuza clans. Their members are rewarded with traditional irezumi tattoos to reflect their rank, family allegiance and prestige. They are expected to commit yabitsume or hara-kiri to atone for any failure.

As should be expected, the Shotozumi-gumi consists almost entirely of males of pure Japanese descent, often members of the Shotozumi clan. Shotozumi-sama accepts women into his gumi, however, provided they show skill and loyalty equal to the task. Shotozumi’s prodigal daughter, Keiko Shotozumi, is said to be in charge of a trial program enlisting half-Japanese women and even metahuman women for certain specific duties and tasks. Hanzo has recognized that adhering to strict ethnic and metatype rules makes it difficult to gain access to certain positions for infiltration purposes. Not wanting to sully his male ranks, however, they are seeking out women to take on certain “distasteful” jobs.

The Shotozumi-gumi combines the traditional practice of offering protection to residents in their nawabari (principally the International District, but also including others parts of Downtown and Tacoma) with extensive dealings with local corporations and international corporate offices, the domain of the sokaiya. Many of their businesses also provide traditional recreational services, including antique pachinko arcades and mah-jongg parlors. They also provide the community with the quality services of our geisha escorts and bunraku parlors.

Kumi-in will often work under more experienced kobun in cooperation with the sokaiya, protecting shareholder meetings, offering bodyguard services to important business leaders, providing security for our recreational dealers, transporting cargo to authorized distributors, collecting loans and business fees, and protecting local businesses from street criminals and other miscreants.


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