Theme: Professionalism
The idea is to look at the demands of being a professional criminal, often asked to do morally repugnant things, and the consequences this has on your interpersonal relationships and the rest of your life

Concept: I want to run a Shadowrun game heavily influenced by the films and TV shows above. The idea is that cleverness is more important than brute force, or more simply: tact is more important than dakka. However, there is still a place for brute force and dakka!

I’m keen to use the rules to create the atmosphere of a crime-based TV show or fairly clever action film. I love heist movies and so I’d like to make legwork and planning a big part of the game. I’m also keen to emphasise that your characters are criminals but should probably not be sociopaths, unless that’s a feature: killing should not be an easy option and particularly visible acts of violence or murder will certainly be met with police investigation. So each and every time you kill someone in the game should be a conscious decision that you’ve made. It may sometimes be a necessary evil but it is certainly never a good thing or an easy out.

NB: The wiki does not exist IC but does represent a record of what happened during each adventure so that you can keep track of contacts, enemies, organisations and the like.

To get started, go check out the wiki!

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