Turf: Downtown
Colours: Black and Orange

Still one of the largest of the Downtown gangs, the psychotic Halloweeners have experienced a bit of a shift in priorities over the past few years. With the death of their charismatic (and pyromaniac) leader Slash-and-Burn and his associated hatred of all things corporate, the rest of the gang went through a bloody period of infighting until they identified a new leader: a person (nobody’s sure if it’s male or female) who calls itself Nightmare.

After the dust settled, they still focused on tweaking the corps any way they can, mostly with vandalism and mayhem, but now they’ve branched out to include making life miserable for just about anyone that crosses their path. They make most of their money by dealing BTLs (specializing in those involving violence or horror, particularly snuffs).

Nightmare is always seen wearing a glowing skull mask and full black leathers with orange bandannas on both sleeves. Nobody outside of the gang gets close enough to him/her/it to figure out much. Rumours identify it as everything from a vampire to the spirit-possessed corpse of Slash-and-Burn—and those are just the plausible ones.


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